This section consists of a series of polls on contentious design choices and issues in the malloc v2 API. Each poll consists of a section on the problematic topic with expert opinions on which to choose. The experts are:

Niall Douglas:
Niall is the author of nedmalloc, a popular third-party memory allocator, and is the founder of ned Productions IT Consulting Ltd. Niall is the primary initiator behind these standards change proposals.
Peter Buhr:
Peter is a leading Canadian computer science expert with his own Wikipedia page. Peter is the author of μC++, a concurrent dialect of C++ which contains a memory allocator implementation.
Jason Evans:
Jason Evans is a well known contributor to a wide range of large open source software projects through his consulting firm Canonware, and also is the author of a popular third-party memory allocator called jemalloc which is the primary allocator used by Firefox and FreeBSD.


  1. Specifying alignment of blocks
  2. Address Space Reservation

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